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Innovations in Digital Formative Assessment, Data Analysis and Learner Support

Innovations in Digital Formative Assessment, Data Analysis and Learner Support

There is a significant body of research on the need and opportunity for reform of how student learning is assessed across all levels of education using a range of assessment modes. The concept of technology-supported assessment is a relatively new area of research and development, but it is becoming clear that it is already beginning to play a significant part in assessment reform. There is also global recognition that current assessment structures are not measuring some of the 21st century skills.

Research shows that diagnostic assessment, providing feedback to students, and the use of approaches that motivate and incentivize students create strong learning experiences. Supporting this with technology enables the teacher to focus their time on students who need most help and topics that are most challenging. The collection of assessment data starts to create the valuable database required to provide students with more personalized learning experiences and provides educators the ability to analyse the effectiveness of the learning process and to improve the resources provided to the students.

Foundation for data analytics and predictive learning engines

Learning analytics tools are still in their infancy, but these tools are becoming more and more sophisticated and reliable; by using them to gather a wide range of information about students’ learning, more personalised and effective learning experiences can be developed.
Strong assessment solutions and processes are a missing link in the EdTech Solutions currently available in existing digital learning platforms. The much hyped personalised, adaptive and predictive learning processes are highly dependent on good data. Developing and analysing these databases enables solution providers to continue to innovate, improve products based on real user data, and provide strong learning solutions supported by good data and powerful analytic processes.